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SBH provides prime quality service and products as well as best prices available on the worldwide market. SBH Solutions differs from others by its innovative research style and rich resources across the globe.


We Find Buyers and Suppliers

We find buyers for products you want to sell, and we find suppliers for products you want to purchase. We find the appropriate international business for you to partner up with. Whether you already have existing partners or you are just beginning your search for partners, we will provide custom solutions based on your goals. We will travel and network for your company all over the world. We will find buyers or suppliers all over the world. We will work to expand your presence in the appropriate international markets, based on your company's specific needs, capabilities, and desire.

We will provide personal presentation...

Whether you are a large or small organization, or an individual investor or entrepreneur, we will travel on your behalf. We will provide personal representation necessary for you to attain your goals. We will also provide ongoing support and representation to continuously build and strengthen relationships in your desired market. 

We can function as your Office​

We can also function as your office in Switzerland. Companies wishing to establish a physical presence in Switzerland or develop relationships within Switzerland will benefit from the fact that we have our own people in Switzerland. All this is possible due to the fact that we have locations in Switzerland. 

Why are we deferent

We are different because we will utilize all available resources necessary to achieve your goals. This will include all appropriate commercial and government agencies and corresponding programs that may be able to provide complimentary services or connections.

We are continuously looking for...

Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and Buyers.

If you are interested in distributing unique products in Middle

East or you have a unique/specialty product to sell, please

contact us at for further details.

Please let us know a few details about your company, the

markets you serve and/or the products you want to offer for sale.

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